1st – 10th – Public holidays

11th – Back to KG

18th -22nd – Culture and history day/week


5th – Celebrating Chinese New Year in KG

12th – Celebrating Valentine’s Day in KG

17th – Excursion

19th – Special Day [Men’s day]

22nd — 23rd – Public holiday [Men’s day]


4th – Celebrating Women’s day

7th,8th – Public holiday[KG closed]

17th – Celebrating St. Patrick day

24th – Easter celebration

30th – Excursion trip


9th – Talent show contest

11th – 15th – Assessment tests starts

20th – Excursion trip

21st – Special day [Colors day (groups 4 for each color) red, yellow, green, orange]

22nd – Parent-teacher meeting


1st – 3rd – Public Holiday [KG closed] – can change

9th – 10th – Public Holiday [KG closed]- can change

11th – Celebrating Mother’s day

21rd – Annual Day of our KG [compulsory for all to attend]

25th – Excursion trips


1st June – Summer camp starts — Special day each week

13th –Public holiday [KG closed] – can change

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th– Excursion trips

9th – Circus day

16th –Beach party


4th – Celebrating American Independence Day

6th, 13th,  20th,  27th – Excursion trips


3rd & 10th – Excursion trips

12th – last working day of the KG

13th – 31st — KG closed


1st – First day of school

5th – Parent teacher meeting

17th – Celebrating International day in the Kg

23rd – Excursion trip


2nd – Celebrating Teacher’s day

15th – Special day in the KG [autumn carnival]

30th – Pumpkin Carving/Halloween in Kindergarten

31st — Halloween Party [Parents invited]


4th – Russian holiday [KG closed]

12th – Celebrating special day [Fairytales day, heroes]

16th – 20th – Assessment tests

25th – Excursion trip

26th – Celebrating Thanksgiving day


4th – Parent teacher meeting

12th – Christmas Party [Parents invited]

17th – Celebrating Special day [Alice in the Wonderland]

24th – Small Christmas party in the KG

25th – 31st – winter holidays