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  • From 16 months to 7 years old
  • Small Groups
  • English-speaking Environment
  • Play&Learn Technique
  • Summer Camp
  • Complete Meals
  • Balanced Schedule
  • Video Monitoring

"Little Angels" Kindergarten recruits children from one to six years also with hourly attendance. The club offers classes in Russian and foreign (English with native speakers, французскому, испанскому, арабскому и китайскому) языкам, а также занятия во всевозможных секциях по танцам, рисованию, музыке и многим другим, которые могут выбрать родители.

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English-speaking Environment

Little Angels — international private english kindergarten с дополнительным изучением других языков для детей от 16 месяцев до 7 лет.

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Интерьер

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Play&Learn Technique

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Интерьер

We offer fun activities combined with an excellent educational program for a complete development of your child in a warm and professional setting.

Kids from 16 months to 7 years old

Little Angels Kindergarten was founded in 2004. Our program is based upon the British National Curriculum for Early Years. Children are totally immersed in the English language.

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Интерьер

Small Groups

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Уроки рисования

We have divided kids into groups. The toddler group is for children ages 16months – 3yrs, Nursery group is for children 3-5yrs and the reception group is for children 5-7yrs.

Our graduates go to best schools around the World

Our teachers are the certified specialists and experts in training and development of children of early and preschool age. Teachers always keep in touch with parents, cooperate with them and advise on all issues of interest.

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Интерьер

Summer Camp

Частный английский детский сад "Little Angels" | Летний лагерь

Our summer camps are English-based weekly sessions with engaging themes open to children from 1 years 5 months to rising 1st graders. Our camp staff are preparing weeks of great fun and exploration in a safe, engaging environment. Find the themes that suit your little one and join us! English, Maths, Arts and Crafts, Group Projects, Music, Sport, Cooking Class. Once a week Little Angels goes on a field trip around Moscow. From fascinating classroom projects to excursions around Moscow, we ensure every child’s timetable is action-packed and full of fun.

Learning covers all aspects of the kid’s life

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Why else do kids and parents love us?


Balanced meals and schedule

Kindergarten works according to the schedule which assumes change of types of activity and corresponds to children age aspects . We have serious approach to nutrition: the nurse observes the children and adjusts the nutrition of each kid, if necessary, with the consent of the parents.

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Development monitoring

Weekly parents receive feedback from teachers about the success and progress of children, their behavior, difficulties, if any, recommendations. By the end of the week children get small homework. Twice a year there are assessments, based on the results of which parents receive a report on the progress of children . We also organise individual meetings with parents and teachers.

Kids and Wings

Psychological support

Development of each child is monitored by a child psychologistwho solves psychological problems in a playful way and timely identifies difficulties at a particular stage of the child's development.

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