English-speaking environment and Play&Learn Technique

Academic Year

  • During the year children are taught certain skills, according to their age and level of training.
  • Weekly parents receive feedback from teachers about the success and progress of the children, their behavior, difficulties, if any, recommendations. By the end of the week children get small homework.
  • There are two assessments during the year, based on the results of which parents receive a report on the progress of children. We also organise individual meetings with parents and teachers.
  • Development of each child is monitored by a child psychologist who solves psychological problems in a playful way and timely identifies difficulties at a particular stage of the child's development.
  • Besides basic classes you can include additional classes into the educational plan of a child.
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Additional classes

Mr. Boris, a candidate master of sports, teaches children to navigate the chess field, analyze the situation, think through moves ahead. Children learn not only to win, but also to lose with dignity. Playing chess trains the mind, teaches patience, and most importantly fosters respect for the partner.

Our music and dance classes are part of the educational cycle and are held for all children twice a week on the basis of the Oxford music system. Children can also take individual lessons of music and singing, piano, learning to play the flute or any other musical instrument.

Mr. Gregory teaches children various skills of acrobatics, juggling and various dance movements. Very interesting and exciting course, which is so popular.

Children are very susceptible to the slightest changes in the family. Mrs. Ekaterina, a certified child psychologist, infant development teacher and family system therapist, will help to overcome any family crises. There are also group classes for children on the development of cognitive processes (memory, attention, thinking) and their arbitrariness. There is a well-proven course of development of creativity and divergent thinking.

Karate classes are conducted by a coach, a certified karate instructor with a Black Belt. Karate classes have a beneficial effect on the physical development of a child, increase self-confidence.

Additionally, your child can learn French or Russian. Focus of our language classes is on the vocabulary, word recognition, general speech training, keeping the conversation, as well as listening and auditory recognition of the target language.

We organize swimming classes for our children. We have our own transport, which takes children to the nearest swimming pool, where a qualified coach teaches children proper breathing and technique.

Immerse children into the wonderful world of ballet. In these wonderful classes children are taught correct posture, positions, ability to keep balance and etiquette to the accompaniment of classical music.

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