Our Teachers

Extensive experience and unlimited love for kids

Our teachers are the certified specialists and experts in training and development of children of early and preschool age. Teachers always keep in touch with parents, cooperate with them and advise on all issues of interest.

Mrs. Susanna

nursery teacher

Mrs. Susanna was born and raised in South Africa. Mrs. Suzanna studied preschool education and has a diploma of Damelin College. She has been working in “Little Angels” since 2011. She loves her work very much; kids adore her activities and games, because they are always fun and interesting.

Воспитатель детского сада

Mrs. Alice

nursery teacher’s assistant

Mrs. Alice moved to Russia and graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in “Psychology in Economics and Management”. She has been working with children for more than 5 years; she has been working at “Little Angels” since 2011. Mrs. Alice has unfailing love for children; she feels every child and knows how to get on the right side of each kid.

Mrs. Marina

reception group teacher’s assistant

Mrs. Marina has a qualification of teacher of the English language. She has been working in “Little Angels” for more than 10 years. As assistant teacher she has worked both with toddlers and preschoolers.

Mrs. Katya

key stage teacher’s assistant

Mrs. Kate has been working in “Little Angels” since 2006 and appreciates ​​every day spent with children. Biologist by qualification, Mrs. Kate graduated from the State Pedagogical University, was born and raised in Moscow.

Ms. Ekaterina

child psychologist, family system psychotherapist, teacher of infant development

Working with children is my vocation. She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University with a qualification of Educational Psychologist. From my student hood I was interested in the issues of early learning and education of children. I am the author of articles and the creator of the website for parents moi-deti.com. Traineeship and studies in Vienna, Austria (Paedagogische Hochschule Wien) provided fresh perspectives of this process and helped to develop my own program. Working with children in “Little Angels”, the most important thing for me is to understand the inner world of a child, to understand his individuality, his motives, to increase his reflexivity - this is the basis of social intelligence, it allows a person to adapt to society, to find where he belongs and realize himself. In group classes I teach children to communicate, make friends, find compromises, share, understand themselves and people around them. Studying family systems psychotherapy (FST) helped me take a deeper look at the process of adaptation of children in kindergarten: how they build interaction with other children, how they defend themselves, how they present themselves to the world. Family, parents define it all. I am very pleased with the tendency that parents willingly come to me for consultations, acquire new knowledge, sometimes change themselves, which radically improves their interaction in the family and, in particular, with the child.

Воспитатель детского сада

Mrs. Margarita

arts and crafts teacher

Mrs. Margarita was born in Moscow. In 1991, she graduated from the University with a qualification of Arts and Crafts Artist and Decorator. She has broad experience in the field of visual arts and in development of skills in this area. She has been working in “Little Angels” since 2007, developing creativity in children.

Mr. Boris

chess trainer

Mr. Boris was born in Moscow. He got his chess education in one of the best chess schools in the country - the Sports School by the name of T. Petrosyan (the 9th World Chess Champion), where from 1989 to 1995 he learned from the best coaches of the USSR (M. M. Yudovich, Jr., L. S. Belavenets, and others). In his youth, he was the winner and a prize-winner of a number of Russian and international tournaments both in individual and in team competition. In 1993, he got a high qualification in sports, in 1996 - scored an ELO rating of 2255. He graduated from the Russian Economic Academy (REA) by the name of G. Plekhanov (Now Russian Economic University by the name of G. Plekhanov). He was a champion and a prize-winner of REA in chess, held classes for students. After graduation he worked as an analyst and marketing specialist in various organizations. In 2009, he decided to return to chess: "I love children and I love chess - I decided that I needed to unite these two passions. He has been working in “Little Angels” since 2014. He thinks that the most important thing is to pay attention to each child, regardless of his abilities. In the classroom, children learn to analyze, make independent decisions, and contemplate.

Воспитатель детского сада
Воспитатель детского сада

Mr. Sergey

karate coach and sports instructor

Mr. Sergey has the first dan rank in version (THE UNITED SHOTOKAN KARATE-DO FEDERATION); the prize-winner of the Open Championship of the Federation of Shito-ryu Karate-do Kofukan; Prize-winner of various clubs in karate Shotokan style. The winner in the Kumite Sobbu-Ippon competition, in the absolute category at the IMAF Open Championship in Moscow. He has high sports qualification in karate and universal combat. He has been working with children for more than 5 years; he is absolutely passionate about his vocation. In “Little Angels” he conducts sports activities with children and teaches karate, fosters love for sports in children.

Mrs. Katya


Mrs. Katya graduated from the medical college in Perm, she has the 2nd qualification category in “Pediatrics” specialty. She has worked in a children's clinical hospital for more than 5 years; she has experience working in child's camps and kindergartens as a nurse. In “Little Angels” Mrs. Kate monitors the children’s physical development and state of health, controls the sanitary and hygienic condition in the rooms, and keeps medical records.

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